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Before you reach for a regular wound bandage...

Consider hydrogel pads! These pads are SUPERIOR in aiding wound healing.

Case and point, a few years ago I severely burned 3 of my toes and had to go to my doctor for wound examination and care. I asked her the age old question; should I leave it open or closed to heal faster? Without hesitation she advised to keep it covered and clean it often with new dressings. It was then that I discovered hydrogel wound pads. These pads are relatively new tech, only developed in recent years. I diligently cared for my burns with these pads and I was shocked that not only all my skin grew back, there was no scarring. How could that be? I found out these pads keep the wound environment moist, like a second skin, possibly preventing the formation of scar tissue. I seriously think this was what happened in my case.

Other benefits include:

Faster healing time by moist, covered environment

Cooling pain relief when applied, up to 6 hours

Covered, moist environment can prevent infection

Less pain when changing hydrogel pads vs. traditional dressings

I love these pads and use them in place of traditional bandages for all wounds, burns, scrapes and cuts! Stay well!

(Of course, always seek professional medical attention for serious wounds.)

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