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Brighten someone's day...

I was driving down the street and I saw a marquee sign on the local VFW. Instead of advertising for the local fish fry or happy hour special, it read:

Be the reason someone smiles today

Wow. What a fantastic simple message. I stopped and thought about it. We all are human and we all have our share of bad days and challenges. It is the ability to pick each other up that separates us from robots. In this insane digital world we live in the human element is often overshadowed. It is random acts of kindness, support and love that make the difference and keep our humanity connected.

When you see someone struggling, offer to help. Call or check on a friend who lives alone.

Give a homeless person a care package. Buy a stranger coffee or lunch that appears to have less means than you. Consider volunteering in your community to places in need. There is an abundance of places looking for volunteers at shelters, senior centers, community centers, religious organizations, etc. The benefit is two-fold. The other persons(s) will be grateful that you made a difference. The other part is the rewarding feeling you get from your impact. That is immeasurable.

The best thing about giving is that is operates like a boomerang. At a later date, when you least expect it someone will help you out when you are in need. It is one of the little karmic secrets of our wonderful, incredible universe. Smile and be well!

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