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Happiness Quiz, take out paper & pen and tally up your points, see how you did at the end!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

1) When I wake up in the morning I feel…

A. Like I want to stay in bed all day (1 pt.)

B. Excited about the new day and what it might bring (3 pts.)

C. I have to make myself get up, but once I do I feel better about starting the day (2 pts.)

2) What is your attitude about making time to see friends and family?

A) I am always excited to spend time with them (3 pts.)

B) I try to avoid it, and make excuses to not see them (1 pt.)

C) Sometimes, I don’t want to see them, but when I do I always feel better (2 pts.)

3) Do you feel gratitude for all the good things in your life?

A) I try to remember to be grateful most of the time (2 pts.)

B) I don’t usually ever feel grateful (1 pt.)

C) I feel grateful each day (3 pts.)

4) How do you feel about the future?

A) I feel optimistic and look forward to what the future might bring (3 pts.)

B) I don’t currently have many things to look forward to (1 pt.)

C) I am somewhere in the middle (2 pts.)

5) When I interact with others I:

A) Try to be my very best self and enjoy the interactions with others (3 pts.)

B) I have a hard time putting on a smile and socializing (1 pt.)

C) Sometimes I have a good attitude when engaging with others, other times it is a struggle (2 pts.)

6) Do you enjoy your current occupation/life status? (Job/student/volunteer/homemaker/other)

A) Yes, I find it meaningful and rewarding (3 pts.)

B) No, I might need a change (1 pt.)

C) Most of the time, good days & bad days (2 pts.)

7) I set goals for myself that will better my life:

A) No, I am just going day to day without future plans (1 pt.)

B) Yes, I am always trying to improve and better myself (3 pts.)

C) I have some goals in mind, but I need to work on taking action (2 pts.)

8) I set aside personal time for myself to do things I enjoy:

A) I always make things I enjoy part of my schedule (3 pts.)

B) I fail to make time for things I enjoy, or lack motivation (1 pt.)

C) I make an effort, but it doesn’t always happen (2 pts.)

9) How often do you help others, or do good deeds without expecting anything in return?

A) Rarely, I should do more (1 pt.)

B) Very often, I enjoy helping others (3 pts)

C) Sometimes, but I would like to do more (2 pts.)

10) I am happy in my current living situation

A) Yes, I am content currently (3 pts.)

B) No, I am not happy in my current situation (1 pt.)

C) Somewhere in the middle, good days & bad days (2 pts.)

How did you do?


10-17 Points: Looks like you might be having a hard time finding happiness. It is probably time for a self-review to see what changes you can make to be happier. Look the key indicators of what is causing your unhappiness, and take some action steps to make those changes. Set goals for yourself that will make your life better, and work to make them happen. Stick with it, and in the meantime spend quality time with friends and loved ones and ask for support along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help from a therapist or counselor if needed.

Last, spend time doing things you enjoy along the way.

Try to reflect on being grateful and mindful, they go hand in hand with happiness. Smile & be well!

18-25 Points: Sound like you are on the track to happiness, but there is probably room for improvement. You probably have good days and bad days, just like everyone else. When the bad days pop up, try to be mindful and don’t let it ruin the entire day or week. You likely have really good intentions to improve your life, but might need a nudge along the way. Sometimes it is just hard to find motivation. If you feel like you are ever on a downward slide, don’t try to hide it. It is okay to ask for professional help from a therapist or counselor. Take a look at where you are, and where you want to go. Plan out some action steps to reach your goals. Ask for help from loved ones, and those that can support you. Stick with it, and reward yourself for making progress along the way. Remember to be grateful, and mindful it will help keep you balanced on your journey. Smile & be well!

26-33 Points: Overall, you probably have a great outlook on life and see the glass as half full. Congratulations, this is not an easy task in life! You likely bring joy to others and are helpful. Continue being mindful and grateful, it will bring you balance. Keep spreading joy to others...the world needs more people like you! If you have changes you want to make in life, create action steps and make it happen. Find continued happiness through your relationships. Keep rewarding yourself along the way, and take time to do the things you love. Smile & be well!

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