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How to start with a great day...everyday!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

The biggest lesson I have learned from my 6 year old, is his absolute joy for life.

He is so excited, leaping out of bed to pick his superhero underwear and clothes...including his favorite old stained shirts. He has so much enthusiasm for each day, I wish I could CAN IT and sell it. I wish I had a fraction of his positive outlook every day. Here are some ways to do your best to make it a great day.

Check you calendar for appointments, to-dos, and possible errands the night before.

This way you won't forget something, and you can line up your day for success.

Check the weather the night before and plan your wardrobe for the next day. This will save time and possible frustration, looking for that missing shoe at the last minute. (Insert scream.) Same plan goes for lunch, if you pack a lunch or make a smoothie, you can do it the night before. If you are a coffee drinker, set it on automatic timer the night before to brew when you wake up. The smell of coffee brewing is so wonderful in the morning, and It will feel like someone made coffee you! (Oh, best feeling.)

This will get you out the door faster and without frustration and possible delays. Last, always put your keys, cell phone, sunglasses, etc. in the same place. So when you head out the door, they are ready to go. One of the biggest downward spirals for any start to a day is missing keys, or a cell phone. (Oh, the agony can be prevented.)

Now that you are out the door, you can channel your inner 6 year old's excitement for life!

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