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How to turn procrastination into success!

Updated: May 6, 2021

The negative effects of procrastination can be far-reaching into our daily lives.

Procrastination could be simply failing to do daily activities until they pile up into a daunting nightmare. This could be avoiding cleaning out a closet or organizing your home. It could also be putting off projects, maintenance, or repairs. It could also be fear of making a change and staying in your comfort zone, even though it is to your detriment.

This could be as extreme as staying in toxic relationships or staying at a job you loathe for years. There could also be a procrastination roadblock for self-improvement. Major examples include procrastinating to maintain a healthy weight, exercise, eat proper nutrition & have spiritual growth. Here are some tips to overcome procrastination and move towards accomplishment:

First, plan it out. Make a “success journal” instead of a “to-do” list. Having a place to write down your accomplishments is very rewarding, and it can be motivating to view your past achievements. It is good for your psyche, verses starting at a never-ending “to do” list. Write down the major things you want to accomplish. Research shows that writing them down will hold you more accountable and increase your likelihood of reaching your goal(s). Start with the smallest task and work your way up. For example, cleaning out your closet will be done in a specific time frame versus a self-improvement goal that is usually ongoing. Imagine your result and how good it will feel! This will be very motivating to keep you on track!

Next, take “action steps” to work on your goal. Put your phone on do not disturb or silent to avoid interruptions. If necessary, ask for help and possibly help from others to assist you. If you have a setback or obstacle, work through it and get back on track. It happens! Keep track of everything in your success journal, even the setbacks, because it is real life! You can write down how you overcame it, and it is great to go back and reflect on.

Avoid conflicts that will interrupt you. Consider your action steps as an appointment in your calendar. For example, if you block off 3 hours to clean the storage area, don’t commit to other activities. Good, effective time management is the enemy of procrastination.

Use a rewards system. It works. After your accomplishments, give yourself a special reward for your hard work. It could be as small as a dessert or as large as a vacation.

Ideally, it should line up with the size or scale of your goal. It is essential to take time to enjoy your accomplishments. Once you have reached some milestones, you will often have more natural motivation to move on to the next goal! Because we are rewarded by feel-good endorphins in our brain chemistry, you will have empowering thoughts like “great job!” and “keep going!”

Smile & be well...enjoy the top of the mountain feeling!

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