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Make better beverage your health!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Many people admittedly drink too much caffeine and sugary drinks. Everywhere you look there are advertisements for soda, energy drinks and alcoholic drinks. Convenience stores are crammed with energy drinks and sodas. Fast food choices usually include a large soda.

If you start to be conscious of this, you can start to make better choices.

To avoid excess caffeine, try limiting your intake to your morning cup of coffee. If you feel like a having another coffee later in the day, make it a decaf. Excessive caffeine can lead to insomnia, poor sleep, anxiety and even digestion issues. There is also a crash or feeling of

fatigue when coming down from too much caffeine.

Great news is you can make better choices. Start by drinking more water. If plain water isn't your favorite, add a lemon slice and squeeze some lemon juice in. Chilled lemon water is extremely refreshing, and it doesn't get any cheaper than that! This is an easy way to get your recommended daily water intake.

You can get creative and make other infused waters with other fruits and herbs.

Health juices and smoothies are another great alternative. Look for health juices with 100% juice and no added syrups and artificial ingredients. Since health juices have a lot of natural sugars, I always dilute my juices with some water, this lowers my sugar intake and stretches my juice bottle farther. Health smoothies are fantastic ways to add fruits and vegetables in your day, and you can feel great about drinking them. (Reference our green smoothie recipe the postings)

If you are dying for a fizzy soda, try a natural flavored carbonated water beverage instead.

There are so many brands to choose from, and a variety of flavors. Look for brands free of sweeteners, and chemical additives.

My absolute favorite fizzy drink is a natural lemon flavored carbonated water, topped off with pomegranate juice.

In the evening it is great to enjoy a warm cup of herb tea. Herb teas (non caffeinated option)

can be very relaxing in your wind down period before bed.

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