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Organize Your Way to a Better You!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Have you ever opened the closet only to have things tumble out on you?

Or try to slam a drawer that is so overfull that it won't close? Everyone has had those frustrating moments, and somehow they almost seem to happen at the worst time, when we are in a rush. My friend even bought the same pair of shoes twice, because she forgot she had them hidden in her closet. My husband sometimes has to buy tools twice, because he can't find the one he needs. An organized space can save money, time, and bring more balance to your life!

The first step in organization is always the hardest. It is finding the motivation to do it!

If you're overwhelmed by not knowing where to start, I recommend starting with the biggest, most cluttered space you have.

Don't worry about getting it done in a day; some small spaces like a drawer can be done in a shorter amount of time, while other projects take days. Getting the largest area done will likely make the rest of the areas easier.

Once you have decided on the most challenging space you want to organize, take a picture of the "before" look; you can compare it to your "later" picture when you have finished!

Get started by bringing a trash bag, donation bag, and possible resale bag. Start sorting. Look for broken or expired items and anything that you will no longer use that does not have value; these items can all go in the trash. Careful to pick out any things that might be recyclable, versus trash. Next, fill the donation bag with clothing and goods that you no longer use, but someone else will find a purpose for. (Remember to get rid of clothes you have not worn in more than a year!) Sort out items that you can resell locally or online. (You might even be able to have a garage sale!) You'd be surprised how much money you can make on your old goods. Designer brands always sell well on resell sites.

Now that you've removed the trash, resale, and donatable items, you should have cleared out a considerable amount of space already! While working in this space, you're going to want to do some cleaning along the way. Vacuum and wipe out spaces with a cleanser to get ready for your fresh organization. When you come across something that does not belong in that space, remove it and put it in its proper spot.

If you're sorting a closet with clothing, group like items together, as well as cold weather vs. warm weather, etc. If you don't yet have a shoe organizer, it's a great time to invest in one. You can get inexpensive ones that fit behind a door, or grid systems made of wood. You can also take advantage of hidden spaces, like the bottom or top of a closet or under the bed.

There are lots of great containers that fit these spaces. If you don't yet have a jewelry organizer, you can make one easily out of a corkboard and pushpins. This is great for necklaces, bracelets, etc. If you are organizing a medicine cabinet, spice rack, or any area with small items, consider a spinning tray. Spinning trays are a great way to see the item you want in a small, confined space. If you do use totes, boxes, or other containers, be sure to label them. You don’t have to go and get fancy labels, just use paper, marker, and some tape! When it comes to organizing sheets, keep sets together with a long piece of ribbon or string. That way, when you need your next bundle of sheets, it’s already prepared for you; no hunting around! Keep power cords together by labeling them and tying them up with a rubber band. If you’re having a hard time finding small organization bins, check the dollar store first. (I once paid $8 for an organization tray, and I saw a similar one the next day at the dollar store. Ugh!)

Once your organization is complete, take your “after” picture, and enjoy your accomplishment!

Next time you’re looking for something, you will know exactly where it is....and that should make your life a little easier! Be well!

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