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Run your life!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Stressed, overbooked, NOT ENOUGH TIME to get everything done? For many people this is daily life, and a recipe for disaster for your health and mental well-being...Here are some tips I am so grateful I learned to get back in balance

*Actively use a calendar daily, to avoid overbooking or scheduling conflicts

*Be a couple minutes early to any appointments to avoid more stress (if you have traffic/get lost/need to find parking, we have all been there!

*Just say no sometimes! You don't have to attend/commit to every party, event, activity, learn to say no when your schedule is crowded.

*Plan out your week, itemize your to do list in order of importance and tackle the MUST do's (Set realistic goals...It is okay to push out non-urgent tasks!)

*Seriously, ask for help. That is what your family and friends are for, ask someone to help with an errand or task.

*Work Smarter, not harder…plan out your week so that you can merge multiple things together, (example: Drop dog of at groomers, buy friend’s birthday gift, get gas & groceries, go back for the dog.)*Make time for relaxation at the end of each day with a positive reflection of what you accomplished, (instead of what didn’t) and you will be ready for the next day!

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