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Some life lessons come from the most unexpected circumstances...

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

I ordered this custom license plate sign from a local guy whose advertising kept popping up.

I thought, this is a great addition for the website. I had my suspicions this was an old retired fellow that was keeping busy in his garage. When I arrived, I was greeted by a younger man named Dan. I could tell from the onset Dan had some disabilities. I approached him and he had my sign, and many others made for pick up. He was very enthusiastic and happy to greet me. He told me in detail how he had a tragic four wheeler accident when he was 18. He almost died, his face and body were crushed with life threatening injuries. He was hospitalized where he slipped into a coma. After the 7 week coma, he began multiple surgeries and therapies to recover from his injuries. It has now been 21 years since his accident. He is legally blind, and unable to drive. He also has speech challenges, and many physical and mental impairments. However, meeting this guy and hearing his story was extremely inspiring. This guy had the best outlook on life, and was perfectly happy living with his parents and making his signs. I can't even how much the average person would struggle to find optimism, hope, or purpose in life after such an accident. He had a better personality, and outlook on life than most people I know. He didn't seem to want any pity, or special treatment. He was happy to visit with me, and tell me about his hobbies with great enthusiasm. I left there thinking, what a true pleasure it was to meet Dan. In a totally unexpected way, meeting him reminded me not to take anything for granted; To be happy in the moment, to work through adversity, and see the glass as half full! Dan totally made my day, and I wanted to share his inspiring attitude with you. Be well!

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