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The BEST house...

In my real profession that pays me, I have to journey to many customer's houses. I have seen the vast range of economic brackets. I have been in the poorest and richest neighborhoods and homes. One day I took a trip to a customer's home and I had quite an unexpected result.

I pulled up to the average middle-income home in suburbia. Nothing stood out as extraordinary from the street view. I knocked on the door, I could hear the dog barking and a lot of voices inside. The husband greeted me simultaneously as did a giant golden retriever. As best as he tried, the husband could not contain the joy of the family pet as he jumped on me. I heard laughter and chatting voices as I was welcomed to meet the family. A mom was working in the kitchen, and a laughing baby in a rolling walker zipping around the tile floor. A young girl was singing in a princess dress, and playing with one of the multiple large toy sets that took over the living room. I also appeared to have interrupted a spirited game of carpet hockey between the dad & son. They were all interacting with each other and laughing. The golden retriever had not left my side since I arrived. There were toys everywhere that I had to carefully step over to avoid injury. The kitchen was an absolute disaster as the mom tried to battle the dishes. There were piles of laundry on the couches that appeared to be in progress. Despite all this chaos, I realized I was witness to such a beautiful family, in a snapshot of their everyday life. I left thinking about the various homes I had been in over the years. It is not the biggest, richest, or cleanest house that makes the best house. It is the house with the most love, that makes the best home of all. Smile & be well!

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