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The best kept health secret that grows in the ground….

Updated: May 6, 2021

I was researching ways to naturally boost immunity when I stumbled upon the best kept secret growing in the ground. Medicinal mushrooms. They have been used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for thousands of years and the health benefits seem miraculous! Check out the short list here of reported benefits;

(Here is the best part, you don’t have to go to China to find these. You can find these supplements in a vitamin capsule or powder form. So don’t worry about finding, cooking, and eating these on a daily basis when you can take a medicinal supplement!)

Immune system booster

Cancer-fighting properties

Good source of vitamin D

Helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol

Promotes healthy gut

Improves brain health and longevity

Reduces anxiety and promotes healthy sleep

Increased learning and memory

Improved exercise performance

Aids in disease prevention

(This is the short abbreviated list! Is there nothing these mushrooms can't help with?)

These benefits are grouped together from researching different medicinal mushrooms. There are several varieties and I recommend you research the available mushrooms and individual benefits. As a bonus, I was able to find a supplement that was a blend of several medicinal mushrooms. What some people reported was almost shocking about the benefits of these powerful mushrooms. Again, please do your own research to find the supplement right for you. Be well!

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