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The science how meditation heals the body

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

How STRESS is causing 75-90% of our diseases, and how to stop it!

The REAL SCIENCE behind how meditation helps HEAL and CALM the body….We have two main branches in our nervous system: The PARASYMPATHETIC is known to activate our “relaxation response” and the SYMPATHETIC, which activates our “fight or flight response.” While both systems are vital, the problem most stressed or anxious people face is that their SYMPATHETIC system never really shuts down. This releases a constant release of stress chemicals into the bloodstream, which impairs normal body functions and leads to diseases and health conditions including:

Anxiety, Depression, Digestive problems, Headaches, Heart disease, Sleep problems, Weight gain, Memory and concentration impairment.

To counteract this, and activate the PARASYMPATHIC (relaxation) response. Deep relaxation and meditation can help shut down the release of stress chemicals into to the bloodstream by counteracting some of the effects of these chemicals. This ultimately slows down brain waves, which balances the brain’s chemistry and aids in disease prevention.

Take time to meditate, relax, heal and restore!

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