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The world is still a beautiful place!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The world is still a magnificent, awe-inspiring place. This is often overshadowed by world events and the inner workings of our daily lives.

It is easy to soak up the negativity because we are continually being programmed to tune into every negative event on TV and social media.

It is easy to see why a person who is always plugged into news & social media might develop a negative view of the world.

You have to look past the tragedy and sensationalism and remember the world is a beautiful place. There are more good people and good deeds in the world than bad. Unfortunately, the bad apples get the spotlight all too often. If you look, you will see beautiful acts of humanity and kindness every day. If you can change which lens you choose to view the world with, you will find the mirror image reflects back on you. If you feel the world is a terrible place, you will likely project that into others and back on yourself. Adversely, if you think the world is a beautiful place with love and inspiration, you will begin to radiate that to others. I tried this today, to be mindful and look for beauty and kindness around me. At the store, I was greeted with a warm welcome and a smile from the door attendant. Inside the store, a disabled senior woman was unable to reach the hats from her wheelchair. I stopped what I was doing to help her pick what hat her granddaughter might like best. She was happy and grateful, and I was happy to be of help. I saw multiple groups of friends and families laughing and shopping together, having a good time. The cashier was so genuine and helpful in assisting me. When I left the store, someone smiled and held the door for me as I was holding my bags.

Remember to give & spread joy, even on challenging days. Be well!

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