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Tips to reduce daily stress!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

How to REDUCE DAILY have stress in your life already....then coming home to a mess at home? I learned this & it helps keep me sane...the secret to a tidy house is to do a little each day, and not try and tackle everything at once. Otherwise, things pile up and before you know it, you are overwhelmed and over-stressed!

1) Sort mail (to find bills/time sensitive documents, so you don't miss a bill..woops!) happens to all of us

2) Pick up clutter, clutter is like a virus, it spreads! Once the house is messy is it like giving everyone a permission slip to not put things away. (We are all guilty of this...)

3) Tackle the dishes (it is such a nice feeling to wake up to a clean sink and kitchen...ahhh! serenity now

4) The laundry... the laundry is never done, it never will be all done. Sigh. Best you can do is keep clothes off floor, and wash or dry a load daily. The biggest lesson I learned from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, is when you get home, you sing a song while you are hanging up your clothes! "Please won't you be my neighbor?"

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