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Top ways to repurpose disposable items before throwing them away!

1) Old shower curtains: These are fantastic as drop cloths when painting or under art projects to protect surfaces.

2) Empty ketchup (or any similar squeezable bottles): These make excellent squirters

for pancake batter. Pour in the batter, and squeeze the perfect size pancake. Who thinks of these things? This one is genius.

3) Old sheets: These are fabulous for covering tender plants from cold temperatures. They are also great for protecting items when remodeling or doing construction work. You can also use them to hang between rooms on hot days when running air conditioning. (This will help keep the cold air contained in smaller spaces and improve efficiency.)

4) Old t-shirts: Cut them into dusting rags & spill rags.

5) Bin of lost single socks: These are excellent dusters. Pull over your hand, and efficiently clean ceiling fans, furniture, blinds, and more.)

6) Empty tissue boxes: I fill mine with dead batteries. When the box is full, we recycle them. You can also use them as a plastic back dispenser for all those reusable store bags.

7) Cardboard toilet paper & paper towel rolls: Perfect for storing cords. Instead of a tangled mess of unidentified cords, stuff the cords inside the individual tubes. Then label with a marker what cord is inside. (example: camera cord)

8) Empty glass food jars: The possibilities are endless here. Use glass jars to fill with cotton balls or swabs. Fill with spare change. Organize small craft items or nails and screws. Fill with small dry pasta, spices, etc.

(You can also make a homemade label.)

Use glass jars under the sink as toothbrush holders or as a vase for flower arrangements.

9) Old broken crayons: Sort by color groups and meltdown to make rainbow candles. These make great homemade gifts.

10) Empty pill bottle: Use to hide an emergency key. Dig a small hole in the ground, place the pill bottle (with a key inside) and cover with a distinct rock or stepping stone. So, in case of a lost key, you have a secret back-up hidden!

Be well!

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