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Winter Itch? Top Ways to Keep Your Skin hydrated...

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Unless you’re living in a terrarium or tropical rain forest, chances are you’re dealing with dry winter skin!

Here are some ways to fight the dry air and the harsh effects it has on our most precious outside protective organ, our skin!

Increase the humidity in your home. In winter, cold, dry air outside mixed with furnaces and heaters inside lowers the natural humidity in your home. Invest in some good humidifiers, especially in sleeping rooms. This will make you more comfortable sleeping during the night and avoid running fans that can dry out the air even more.

Fight the effects of winter skin with your daily vitamins, especially vitamins C, D, E, and zinc. You can even apply vitamin E as a topical for very rough dry areas. Collagen supplements are beneficial as well.

Wear sunscreen when outdoors for long periods. Snow glare can reflect onto your face and cause a winter sunburn.

Drink LOTS of water, especially during winter. Avoid excess alcohol, caffeine, and coffee. These are diuretics that lead to dehydration when consumed in excess amounts.

Eat foods that aid in hydration and have protective qualities for your skin; here is the shortlist:

Avocados, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, oatmeal, carrots, dark leafy greens, dark berries, cranberries, nuts & seeds. Choose olive, coconut, and flax oils when cooking.

In the shower or bath, use gentle cleaners and mild exfoliants to remove dead skin cells. A lukewarm oatmeal and baking soda bath will help calm overly dry skin. Avoid harsh treatments that can dry out your skin further. Use heavier creams and serums with moisturizing compounds like ceramide and hyaluronic acid. This will protect the skin better than traditional lotions. Last, only use lip balms with real protective occlusive agents, like shea butter, beeswax, and humectant oils. Be well and take care of yourself!

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