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You have power over your thoughts!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Are you depressed, anxious, stressed or worried? Instead of heading for the doctor for a prescription, learn about why you are feeling this way, and realize YOU can change it! Every time we have a thought, it creates a feeling in the body. If you have positive thoughts, it leads to feelings like joy, happiness, and contentment. Adversely, if you have a constant stream of negative thoughts, it leads to depression, anxiety and….overall chronic stress!

Here is the GREAT news, NO ONE controls your thoughts but you!

YOU get to create your thoughts and YOU get to choose how you experience you life. So here is a helpful tip to be mindful of your thoughts. Every time a negative thought enters your mind, notice it, then brush it away. Immediately replace it with a positive thought. It is also helpful while you begin this by mentally saying a phrase like, “happy thoughts!” You will get better with practice. Remember to focus on doing this one day at a time, just start by being positive and happy today…and the next day will automatically start better for you!

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