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FREE SHIPPING! Beautiful collection of 7 colorful chakra stones.

Each color represents a different chakra. Use during meditation, or during breathing exercises to bring positive energy and balance into your life.

A meditation idea inspiration: Hold each stone in your hand, that corresponds to the matching chakra to help pinpoint healing and balance in each zone.

You can even carry your favorite one in your pocket to help balance and ground you during life’s daily stresses.

Great for you, or as a gift for another.

Chakra Meditation Stones

  • Reddish/Orange stone=Root Chakra (base of spine)

    Light brown stone=Sacral Chakra (under naval)

    Dark brown stone=Solar Plexus Chakra (under chest)

    Light green stone=Heart Chakra (center of chest)

    Blue stone=Throat Chakra (center of neck)

    Purple stone=Third Eye Chakra (center of forehead)

    Clear stone=Crown Chakra (top of head)

  • Free shipping within the US

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